Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 1 - from Waffle House to Hard Rock

Well, we got a bit of a late start this morning. Seems the hotel didn't set the clocks forward and we didn't realize it until after the alarm went off this morning. Then everything just took longer than expected. 'Specially waffle house, of which there are many. So many in fact that it became a game. When ever we saw a waffle house sign we hit the roof and say "waffle house!" The winner gets a smooch. :)
Our first big stop was in Atlanta where we had lunch at, where else, another Waffle House. It was super tastey. The bathrooms were super nasty. This also seems to be a theme.
Then we drove for another butt-numbing 200 miles or so to Nashville and had dinner at the Hard Rock cafe. From there we drove a little bit out of town and got a motel.
First stop tomorrow, St. Lois.

And on a side note, the car that we rented ended up being a Jeep Commander, which gets a whopping 18MPG. Good thing the Navy is paying for our gas.

Also, as a feature to our blog we will be adding "Road Kill Count", and "Notable Quotables"

Todays Road kill count: 15

Notable Quotables:

"Nissan Murano? It's manly enough...I like it. But then again - I gush over kittens." ~Monkey

Ducky- "Did you just man-grunt at little pee pee car?" Monkey- "I can't believe i did that involuntarily."

Enjoy a selection of pics below. (Click to enlarge) We'll post the rest of the pics along with a little video tomorrow.


  1. Awesome pics. Tennessee is so pretty. I hope you enjoyed the views. Keep the Quotable's. B looks so cute.

  2. OMG, I love this! You guys are just too adorable. I love the roadkill count, lol. And I cracked up at the quotables. Looks like B's hair is growing back a bit, albeit painfully slow hahaha. Safe travels tomorrow.