Monday, March 15, 2010

Pineapple:1 , Monkey: 0

Apparently if one eats too much pineapple, their tongue will swell up and bleed. (eww)

Today, Monkey found that out the hard way.

Click here to see why.


  1. I eat tons of pineapple. How much did he eat? I have eaten a whole one once. Was it fresh or canned? That is awful. I wonder if it was a reaction to a pesticide or herbicide. Is he OK? Jim says it might be the acid in the pineapple. That sucks. Sorry sweetie.

  2. If you click on "Here's why" in the post, it explains what happened.

  3. Poor B can not get a break. Remember to core the pineapple next time honey. I totally get that sensation when I eat fresh pineapple too. Now I know why. Thanks for posting the helpful hint Katrina:)

  4. haha... i've done that to myself so many times... well no bleeding, but very very raw and inflamed lol