Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 2 - We like Kentucky. And Kansas is not bad. Everything else? Boring.

Our day started out with the Free breakfast that we couldn't partake in because it consisted of toast, muffins, bagels, or cereal. None of which poor Monkey can have. So, to Waffle house we went.

Oh I forgot to mention an observation from yesterday: Fireworks seem to be a big deal in Tennessee. There were huge fireworks stores every where, one of which boasted impressive neon signage that lit up the whole highway.

Any way, back to today. We like Kentucky. It was pretty and there were lots of cows and horses. Then things got really really boring until Kansas. It was ok.
We hit our first rain today. It got pretty heavy for a while, but at least it washed all the bugs off the windshield. It was also very windy today.

After dinner we decided to go for another hour or so then find a motel. Well, little did we know that at that point there would be no more hotels for the next 90 miles. So we drove, on one verrrrry loooonnnggggg dark straight road for another hour or so until we found a sign for lodging. We pull off to see what we could find and all there was was a very dodgy looking gas station. We decided it would be best to just get back on the highway. 20 minutes later... civilization! I can't tell you how relieved i was to hear the GPS say "You have arrived at your destination." ...Once it finally found a hotel that was in front of us rather than back where we came from.

Tomorrow's first goal is Denver. In the morning we will decide if we'll go north or south from there.

Road Kill count: (Quite impressive today) 42
Total: 57

Notable quotables:
Monkey - "You can nap if you want to sweety"...
Ducky- No, I don't want to miss out on Arkansas... there's cows here!"

I know we promised you pics and videos but the internet at the hotel is super duper slow. It's all uploading while we speak but won't be done for a while so check back soon. Hopefully we'll finish in the morning before everyone on the west coast is up and you'll find them in the next blog post already.

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  1. Thats a lot of roadkill, poor, poor animals. How many did Brandon hit? Lol. Too cute Katrina that you wanted to see cows instead of sleep....but we have cows here too,lol. Im glad you found civilization to rest tonight, now I can sleep. Save travels tomorrow.