Sunday, March 28, 2010

Road Trip Day 3 - Flat praries and big mountains

So, today started off right! Nothing better than a bored police officer to put a dent in the morning haze. Don't worry we just got a warning. Apparently in Kansas you have to stay on the right side of the road unless you are passing someone. This is due to the fact that Kansas takes a large amount of pride in their left lanes. I think i saw diamond studs on the left at one point. They just wanna make sure that John Wayne has enough room on the road.

We managed to make record quick stop shortly before Denver. But it kinda turned into a record long one cause we went to a restaurant that made us back track and then it was a very slow place - good food though.... dirt parking lot. I kinda wanted to don a straw hat and some overalls. I do miss those so much. I was playing with Ducky's hands while admiring her and this lady asked if i was proposing to her. Good thing i wasn't. That would have put a serious crimp in my style.

At some point after Topeka we realized we had run out of waffle houses, we miss them. They haz tasty, cheesey eggs for super cheap. They will be missed. Here's one to you, Waffle House! - C'est la vi!

Road Kill Today: 9
Total: 66

Notable Quotables:

"I think that was a bunny.... 'was'... Now its just fuzz."

"This chair is the shit, it even makes dinosaur noises."

Pictures from today: (right click and choose 'open in new tab/window)

Roadtrip Day 3

Several videos from today, but they are still uploading. We'll post them in the morning.

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  1. Just FYI. It is also Oregon and Washington law to not drive in the left lane unless you are passing. I would know, I got pulled over for it. (my first time being pulled over). Silly silly. Everyone drives in the left lane, it was news to me.