Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A travelin' Monkey

You may have noticed that the timer jumped back a few days. Not to worry, it's for a good reason! See, he has the option to do a Dity move. Basically (Do it Yourself). The great thing about this is that:
A. He'll end up with more time home and more leave which will probably come in handy later on down the road.
B. He'll end up with a little cash in his pocket since they pay him $200 a day for the 13 days they assume it would take one person. We're going to try and do it in 4 or 5. So whatever doesn't get spent goes in his pocket. He can put that towards a car so he can come down on the weekends.
C. Monkey + Ducky + road trip = Woot!

Hopefully i can get the time off of Salsa Con Coco. We have a qualifying competition coming up so I might not be able to miss two days of practice. But we'll see. Either way it looks like this is the best option so if i don't go, he'll fly someone out to help him.

Will keep you all posted. Nothing is set in stone yet. It never is. :) Semper Gumby!

UPDATE: Looks like I will be able to go! So road trip it is! We just have to put together the last minute details and we're good! Saweet!


  1. I am so excited and happy that you got the time off to go make the trip back with him. Just try not to pull over too much. Lol, can not wait to see his smiling face. I hope the road trip is fun and memorable for both of you. See you soon Monkey man.