Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lova my RunninDucky

I was perusing Ducky's facebook pictures. I have such a beautiful beautiful wife whom i love very very much! Im so excited that i will be home in a couple weeks! I get to cuddle her! Also i get to be in town for her birthday (99% likely). Very excited!

In other news... i ran a lot today, like 13 miles total. I feel pretty good about it. I wanna make it a goal to do that AT LEAST every other day. More if possible, but it kinda hurts so... Technically i did a bit more than that. The Nike+ program doesn't seem to be able to keep track of my stride properly. But then again it could be that i don't run consistently so my muscles are stretching. Im hoping that over the course of time it will attune to my stride.

I joined the State vs. State challenge and also a challenge that Ducky made for her and I. She is beating me at the moment. I will count her 6 miles that didn't get logged, but I'm gonna try and give her a run for her money! ...or her Monkey... hehehe whichever.

I never though i would use an ipod for several reasons, but this Nike+ thing was just too cool to miss out on.

Also I got Ducky a pretty cool birthday gift that i think she will really enjoy. Only thing is that its gonna take 6-weeks for it to get here - i didn't think it would take anywhere near that. Darnit!

Anyhoozle! ... back to life at hand!

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  1. Wait, so you do get on FB? Why dont you have an account so we can talk with you hmmmm? And yes you do have a beautiful wife. We are so excited that you will be here soon. I didnt realize it would be that soon. We were thinking we would have a little get together to celebrate both of your birthdays. I tried to call you and wish you Happy Birthday but I have the wrong number, and apparently, you dont listen to your wife when she tells you to call your mom.

    I think its awesome that you guys are doing something together like the running even though you are apart. Its cute and sweet and all of that mushy stuff. Good luck on your goals, I have no doubt you will meet them.

    Love you sweetie, would LOVE to talk to you on the phone, please call.