Monday, April 8, 2013

Because you all are the only people that will think this is as ammusing as I do...

One of the thermostats broke, so one room in our house now has a heater that wont turn off. It's roasting in there, and racking up our electricity bill I'm sure.

OK, but that's not really the story. Here's the story:

So, I'm calling heating service centers all in a calm panic and I get one really nice guy who demises that it's the thermostat and they can't help me because that's something that an electrician needs to instal. (First off, explain to me WHY a heating specialist can't install a thermostat...anyway) So, he very kindly suggests that in the morning, my husband could install a new thermostat for me... Oh silly helpful man, you see... there's a slight problem with this plan.

Luckily for me however, Gene (the guy on the phone) was very helpful and assisted me in locating the breaker for the heat after I explained vaguely why that wasn't really an option. So, at the moment I have no heat, but at least it's not a million degrees in here. Hopefully we don't have some random cold snap and I'll just have to deal with chilly mornings for a couple days.

Also, our home warranty was the best thing we've ever purchased. $60 flat fee to have someone come out and fix it. Freakin' yeah! I almost forgot we even had it until my dad said something jokingly about it and I was like "Oh my gosh! We have one of those!"

Well, maybe that was more amusing in my head. But, I figure if group of people was going to get it, it would be you guys.

This is actually my first encounter with Murphy's Law, Deployment Edition. Yea home ownership! :D

Ok, see you 'round!


  1. That is about as great as my main Murphy's Law, Deployment Edition (I'm going to use this many many times in the next 2 underways I believe!) is! I think yours is worse...mine was just the septic system I had to deal with...I would've died if the heater had done that!

    1. I don't know. I think a septic system would have been worse! Once I got it shut off it was just a couple hours off work and a couple chilly mornings before it was taken care of. I am pretty proud of myself for getting it taken care of all by myself though. Even if it did only take a couple phone calls. :) Good luck with your future Murphy encounters!