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YouBar - Custom Nutrition Bar

I’m sure we’ve all been here. Pushing our cart down the “food bar/nutrition bar/energy bar” isle, faced with a wall of options. First you weed out the ones that are basically candy with crappy protein and fiber thrown in to make it “good for you”. Then, you pass by the ones that have things you’re allergic to, or try to avoid, like soy or artificial sweeteners. Then, you’re left with a handful of vegan, whole food bars that will do… you surrender.

Seems like no matter what, you end up sacrificing, or holding a cultist allegiance to one particular brand until your grocery store stop carrying the one flavor you like best. Then, you start all over in your quest for a bar that will do. Sound familiar?

What if, instead, you could choose exactly what you want in your bar and customize it right down to the sugar content and type of protein? Now, there’s YouBar. Go ahead, do your happy dance. This is kind of perfect. It’s very easy and, honestly, kind of fun. Like a mix and match game of nutrition.
My biggest problem with most food bars is that almost all of them have nearly 30g of sugar. That’s your entire day’s allowance. And if I happen to be trying to lean out, that’s more than a day’s worth of sugar. So it was my personal challenge to make a bar that fit my personal goals for a meal bar.

The process is easy. First go to and click on the big red “Build-a-bar” or “Build Your Bar” button. You’ll jump directly into the easy to use order form. The most difficult part for me was choosing! I ended up patterning mine after another bar that I knew I liked but I wanted to tweak.
YouBar order form

First, choose your base. Choose from 9 different Organic and Non-GMO options.
Second, Choose your protein.
Then, Nuts and seeds.
Dried fruits are next.
Followed by a few more options to make the bars your own.

The whole time there is a nutrition facts box in the corner, automatically updating with the current state of you bar’s fats, sugars, calories, etc. This was especially helpful to me as I was aiming for a specific fat to carb ratio. I was a little off so I was able to go back and remove some of the fruit to get my mixture just right.

When you’re done, you get to name your custom bar anything you want and it comes printed on the wrappers. A nice touch.
My Custom YouBar

Your bars come in custom wrappers with all the nutrition info and ingredients right on the label.

Mine ended up tasting a bit like oatmeal raisin cookies. A tasty success. I loved my bars, but if I didn’t they have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re aren’t satisfied with you order for any reason, they will make you a new order completely free. They encourage you to call or email if you’re not completely pleased with your tasty creation.
They even make it easy to re-order. Your box comes with a code that you simply plug in to the site and you get just what your ordered before.

Ready to make your own bars? (Or you can just play around without ordering) Go to  

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