Friday, April 5, 2013

I suppose this calls for a post.

Howdy, ya'll. I suppose it's been a while. Things have been quiet on the Navy front. They've just been chuggin' along in refit for ever and a freakin' day. They've finally taken the boat and just left for an adventure yesterday. So, after 9 months, I'm back to being full-on Navy wife again. We don't have an FRG at the moment so there will be no halfway box. I'm kinda bummed. I was going to make one on my own to send with him, but they kept changing the date and I didn't think I would have time, then I did, then I didn't... long story short, I didn't send anything with him. At all. I feel like a lame wife. I even made him something the last time he was only gone for 10 days.

But on the up side. Unless he gets short cycled. THIS IS THE LAST ONE! Wahoo!

He gets out in November and we will take on our new adventures into civilian life. I have a million things to say about that, but that is for another post.

On an unrelated note, I've signed up for Spartan Race again this year. This time with a Friend. Monkey's knee has been bothering him for some time so he's not in training shape at the moment. We're actually going to do a vlog series around the training for my fitness blog. You can follow that on the blog (soon), the blog's facebook (soon), twitter new, pinterest now, and YouTube, now.  Just search for the hashtag #TeamFireNinja where applicable.

Well actually, here's the video. All the info is in the stuff below the video if you click through to YouTube.

Sooo that's should about catch you all up on things. Like I said, nothing every exciting. Life has kind of been in a holding pattern. Wait, I did mention we bought a house? I think so. Well, we bought a house, cute little ranch with a cute little yard for the cute little future monkeys and duckies.

:) Leave a comment if you want a whole post about it.

Anyhoozle, see you later.


  1. I can't find your email button, but if you email me, I have a shiny tidbit of information that may make your day... and may let your hubby get his package. ;)

    1. I can't find yours either! haha. You don't seem to have a reply-to email set. You can email me at my other blog email.

  2. Good for you!. I did the Spartan Race last year and it was tough but my 6 weeks of training paid off and I finished. I hope you have fun!