Friday, February 19, 2010

Delayed posts

Sorry if this is full of typos i'm writing this on my ipod.

Don't worry we havent stopped blogging. It's just that recent musings are a bit too detailed for me to be the one to write about them. Monkey was going to write last night but fell asleep and now he is without internet until at least monday. Which also means that Ducky is bummed. At least it will give us an excuse to both go running this weekend as we have both been slacking on that particular endevour.

I can give you bullets of the entry to come... Lets see if i can remember.

Well one guy just about got himself kicked out. Monkey got locked out of his room and any other day he would have been in only his boxers. He's moving rooms as they just figured out he's a student so he's not supposed to be in geo bach quarters. Umm... Brownies were a success! Verdict: pretty good.

I think thats everything. Though by the time he gets to post there will be three more days of stuff for him to write about.

On another note, if i can manage to get up more than fourty minutes before dance tomorrow i'm going to try to get to the dmv and finally get another step more official. Then i can get new checks and also my military ID. Oooo ahhh nifty. I'll actually need it now that i'll be on base often. (yay!)

Incase you're wondering we still don't know exectly when he'll be venturing back to our side of the world. Something all complicated with the ORDMOD. Oh yeah that was the other thing that he's supposed to blog about. Nothing bad. It's still going to happen it's just going to take a little bit longer to get fully processed and for him to get his official orders that tell him when he has to report to his new base.

Ok, i think that's all for now. My thumbs are getting tired. Have a good weekend!


  1. Awe thanks for blogging. I check everyday, sometimes 2 to 3 times. What is up with his internet? Is it because he is moving? Nice that they are so Bummed that it might take him longer, but still doesnt overshadow the happiness that it is happening so much sooner than we thought anyway. The brownies looked awesome, I am sure he loved them.

  2. Well it's not that it will take him any longer, it's just that it will be longer before we know when he's coming exactly.

    He doesnt have internet because he tried to purchase A WoW code off a site that turned out to be a scam and he had to cancel his card so comcast couldn't bill him. He's kinda stuck until he gets his new card.

  3. Oh, well, as of this morning he has internet again, miraculously. Must have just been out last night.