Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Night classes

So as mentioned in the previous two posts he has night class all week. I guess the big kids (guys who are actually on boats) need to train on the same equipment that the students do so they get the night shift.

Which means that i don't get to talk to him much this week. :( He leaves for class right about the same time I get off work and gets out about 3 in the morning our time. And since he's in class all night that means sleeping all day.

It seems that they're a little more lax with the phones though so i get a few texts in and out during dance.

Sigh. It's not that huge of a deal... It's just going to be a long week not getting to talk to him much. But i'm a big girl. I'm sure i can make it a week. :/

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  1. Awe, I know its tough, but you will make it through. You should do what I did when he first left for bootcamp. I made him record a whole bunch of his funny voices and impersonations so I could listen to them whenever I wanted. I know, Im a dork..lol.