Monday, February 1, 2010

Runnin my way through deployment.

I've decided. 

This is how I am going to get through our first deployment –
 I will run right through it. POW! Like a train! WHAM! Like a truck! :D Raaarrr!!!

I have decided that I am going to set a running goal while he is gone. All the times that I would be on the web cam I'm gonna run. When I'm feeling sorry for myself, I'm gonna run. If I'm bored, I'm gonna run.

This way, I'll have no time for self pitty, plus I'll get in great shape and sleep really well.

I have broken this out into a three part goal, basically: Pre/Durring/Post

Pre: Get in shape so running feels good again and i'll want to do it. 
So that... 

Durring: I will run everyday (That is realistic timewise). 
So that... 

Post: When he gets back [home] we can run together and I can keep up with him. (Because my 'running' is currently a painfully slow jog for him) :)

*I might add a distance goal to this. But I haven't decided yet. I think I'll wait until I see what kind of shape I get in so I can pick something that is realistic but challenging.*

So there you go. This is me, being proactive and determined to not spend the first deployment wallowing is the suckyness. I plan to run circles around it!


  1. Good plan. Is his deployment coming up? How long will it be? Just make sure you don't run yourself ragged. I like your optimism and proactiveness. You will do just fine...:)

  2. He's got a few months to go yet. It'll give me time to get in shape.

  3. Have fun with that :) I'm trying to get back on the running thing again too! It's hard!!!