Saturday, February 20, 2010

I run.... in my underwear!

So this week has been weird.

First off, last week (roughly friday) I attempted to purchase a cd-key for WotLK for my second account. It was late at night when no stores were open. Also my second account for some reason refuses to let me upgrade or alter it in any way online. So i went to a website that offered them and purchased one using my debit card.

the charge showed up on my bank statement as "authorized" within minutes. Then the company sent me an email saying that they needed me to fax all of the following in order to get the cd-key i had payed for but not yet received;

Front & back of the credit card, front and back of my ID and a copy of a bill with my name and current address.

Needless to say, I immediately canceled my debit card, as well as called the company for a refund. Which they DID give me. DO NOT GO TO

So I have survived the week with an unsat hair-cut and a steady diet of government cheese. Speaking of government cheese... While i was using the head the other morning before class, my roommate left for work and locked me out of the room. My shoes, cell phone and keys were all in the room still. It was 30 degrees outside and the building to take care of these issues is about half a mile away. So I ran, without shoes on the freezing ground, in jeans and a t-shirt (while the rest of the base is in uniform) half a mile to BLDG 1070. OUCH!

Im just thanking my lucky stars that i fell asleep in jeans and a t-shirt... otherwise the MA girls that i had to run through would of had as interesting a morning as i did... this because they would have to arrest me for being in my underwear, and i have to run right past where they muster to get where im going. ROFL.

Also i got yelled at by some civilian chump in PSD for my haircut - which i cannot get because i dont have a debit card. K reminded me that i can go into the bank with my ID and get cash, but this was after the fact.

We are learning Nav Center Operator in class right now. Its difficult... there are like 200 acronyms to remember and I am not exaggerating.

One guy did almost get kicked out of my class for having alcohol in his room but they decided to keep him... though he is walking a very very thin line now, since he is one of the people who lied about being qualified.

I also JUST remembered that i have class tomorrow night. We are switching our schedule from 0730-1630 all the way over to 2200-0600 for about 3 weeks i think. Booyah.

this isn't too bad, its more in tune with my normal waking hours so... i will be the only alert one in class! hehe.

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  1. OK, so its not like I want you to get arrested or anything but it would have been oh so funny to hear that you got locked out in your boxers.

    Not cool on the scam site, glad you caught it in time.

    Sounds like you are going to be up when I am up not, coolness. What is Katrina going to do though, its your talking time. Hope that doesnt last too long.

    Love you honey..