Sunday, February 28, 2010

DIY haircut... ermm, you're doing it wrong.

So... ummm... where does one begin. It all started last night at someone's 21st birthday. Ok, so not really, but that is where he drank, and why he was hung over today, which is why he didn't get a very badly needed haircut.

This might not have gone so badly if he had the correct tools. However, all he has is a small trimmer with a VERY short guard. I wish I had pictures of the process but it goes something like this: First he puts on a baseball cap to use as a guide to try and get the short part even. Then tries to evenly fade into the longer part. (Which is much too long to fade from how short the rest of it is now.) All i can see is the back of his head and hear. "S**t", "d**nit", "c**p", sporadically from the other side of the video. And "Honey, should i just shave it?" as he sits back down to show me what he's done.

There aren't words to adequately describe this hair cut. Unfortunately he went and took a shower before I could take pictures so the ones i have don't quite adequately portray the (insert adjective here, i really cannot come up with the words for this) of this hair cut.

Ok, so are you ready for this... here come the pics. And by the way, he had to go to class like this before he was able to 'fix' it.

His instructors comment was "You're going to have to get that fixed". And since he has to stand a watch after class, he had to fix it now. "How do you fix a haircut like this?", you ask....
you shave it off!!!!

(It's hard to tell but that's a trimmer in his hand)

If you've seen his bootcamp ID photo you know what we were expecting. So really it's not SO bad. But, umm... he definitely looks better with hair.

Also, now that i will be able to see him most weekends, I am going to learn how to cut his hair so that this NEVER.. HAPPENS... AGAIN...


  1. If I didnt already love that mug I would say he looks, but it is hard to look at that face and not smile. Now I just laugh a little too.

  2. Unfortunately B you do not have to the head to pull off the completely shaved head. Sorry sweetie but I am being honest and please no more being hung over and shaving head... Not a good combo. Probably not a good idea to do many things when you are drinking except pass out... Love you, Thanks Katrina for posting.

  3. lol i love looking at your little pic in the corner on all of them sweety! LOVESA YOU!!!