Thursday, February 11, 2010

So you can be a whiner, a tattle tale, or a liar. Either way, you're getting in trouble.

Monkey was supposed to blog about this one, but seeing as it doesn't seem that's coming soon, I will get it started for him and he can tell the whole story later...

Hearkening back to that whole ordeal with people lying about getting qualified...
So initially, it was just them being punished, getting yelled at for lying. But, the next day they decide to take it out on the whole class. The whole class got put back on white card. Meaning they are back to being stuck on base, having to muster all the time, and the whole bit. 

When the question was raised as to why everyone was being punished including the handful of guy who hadn't lied about it, they were told "because you all knew about it and no body said anything". 
Ok, fair enough, however if someone had said something about it then they would have been called out for whining or tattling. So really the few honest guys would have gotten into some kind of negative light due to the general consensus of everyone else lying either way.
Darned if you do, darned if you don't. Welcome to the Navy. I guess this is the part where they're building character... or something.


  1. Argh, that makes me mad. Doesnt it show character telling the truth? I bet B was mad huh?

  2. He needs to elaborate on this post. After I wrote it he told me that they guys that did lie may get Captain's Masted. (In a lot of trouble). So, he's really glad he was honest, an undeserved chewing out is much much better than being Captain's Masted. He's taking the whole thing is stride actually. I'm very proud of the way he handled it all.