Monday, February 1, 2010

Go Monkey!

Just a quick note: As of today he's second in his class. His rival in the class has been knocked down to 6th. He says the person in first is 4% ahead but with 8 weeks left it might be possible if the guy bombs a test or something. Of course he always wants to number one so he'll be striving for it, but second is awesome! Go Monkey!! 

Also, he's FINALLY GETTING A MAIL BOX!!!! We will email out the address to folks once we get it.
** Oops, spoke too soon, just told me it didn't happen today. He'll try again on Wednesday. Sorry guys. But he may be getting a new phone number soon. No more T-Mobile = a phone that works when it's supposed to. Yay.

OH OH!!! AND there may be a ball!! I mean there is going to be a ball but hopefully it will be timed so that I can go! How freaking fun would that be! So excited about that! *I hope I hope I hope I hope*

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