Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What a day!

So to elaborate a bit on Ducky's post... and just a little more about my day!

Had some sweet crunchy justice occur earlier today. I got in trouble a couple weeks ago because i wasn't 'qualified' yet. All that means is i don't have permission to stand watches here independently - which pisses people off because you aren't pulling your weight in the duty section. It was 80% my fault at that point, I hadn't been spending enough time chasing people down to get signatures. I blame the other 20% on the fact that its not easy to find someone to do it.

Anyways so they had the class raise their hands if we were qualified and i was one of 3 that didn't raise my hand - just being honest. I got chewed out afterward. Here is the funny part. All of those people who raised their hands got in trouble for lying. Booyah. At least i was honest - my instructor looked at me very apologetically. In essence - i was behind on qualifications - but at least i had the stones to be honest about it.

--honesty goes a long way, if you have no integrity - nothing else matters--

So --- about this ORDMOD (order modification). Origionally I had contacted a sailor in the graduating class (from 'a' school) behind mine. I found someone who got stationed in Bangor but wanted to be stationed in King's Bay. He and I had set things in motion to trade orders. Ducky and I have not mentioned it to anyone just because we know not to get out hopes up and we didn't want everyone getting all excited for what might turn out to be nothing. The 'detailer' (person in who literally writes and coordinates orders) called me today to inform me that he had no intention of making the trade because from the Navy's perspective, the money had already been spent on our orders the day we both left Groton. So he was explaining to me the reasons why he wouldn't do that trade. I informed him however, that Ducky wouldn't be moving out here with me and our intention was for myself to stay as a Geo-Bach. I thought this would be counter productive. Apparently I was wrong.

He said "Oh, well that changes some things. Im going to take this new information up the chain - I doubt anything will come of it but i will check."

So I called Ducky to give her the bad news - hence the sad blog preceeding this one. I came home to change cause i needed to go to the store. As I was tying my shoe, he calls me back. I was thinking 'oh great, he is just gonna tell me there is no chance.' He very calmly informed me that he and his superiors thought it would be best to give me and ORDMOD to Bangor.

To say the least - I was....... ECSTATIC!

He is gonna write the orders tomorrow, i should get the new orders next week. Still have to finish school here in King's Bay. But after that - its back to the lab again yo!

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  1. OMG OMG OMG, I am so happy! I have been grinning all day. Love you sweetie.