Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why March is going to be AWESOME!!!

I have decided. March is going to be awesome and here is why.

1. First and most exciting - His birthday and my birthday! (If you need his address for cards, etc you can facebook or email me.)

2. St. Patrick's Day. I'm not really a drinker and I don't know why I like this holiday so much but I just get a kick out of wearing green all day. (Perhaps because it is so easily and appropriately paired with sparkles on this day... hmm)

3. The weather will be getting nicer! Yay for sunshine! It makes me happy.

4. We will be starting back up with our lunch time "Running from Work" where some of the girls from the office get together on our lunch time and run down the waterfront and back. This will be the official kick off to my 'running through deployment' conditioning.

5. Ok THIS is the most exciting. After March comes April and then... and then... and THEN... MONKEY COMES BACK!!!! (Well, for a day or so then up to Bangor) But still. MONKEY!!!

So, there you go. March will be awesome!

INTERACTIVE POST: Leave a comment and tell me your favorite thing about March. :)


  1. Um, OK....well I like March because it was the month that B was born. Then there is my bday too and now I think our newest family member has a bday in March as the 28th? Not sure, but its a busy month for birthdays.

    Then this is also the month that Jim and I celebrate our unanniversary. I think we have been reluctantly together for 8 years this March. Wow, time flies.

    Also, the weather starts to get a bit nicer but not too hot.

    But yes, I agree with you Katrina, the most exciting thing about March this year is April is even closer which means we will get to see B much sooner and more often then we thought when he left.

    Ok, I think that is about all I can think about but there is enough to be thankful for already.

  2. hehe Yes, All three of us have our birthdays in march, K's is on the 31st mom. Opposite mine.

    St. Patty's day would be cool.... if i could have beer. maybe i will suffer a night and have all the guiness i want! i loves my guiness.

    And definitely most exciting is coming home! or being closer to it! im so stoked.


  3. Oh what, no love you mom? I mean, I know Ducky comes first and deserves all caps, but you could have put love you mom under it in lowercase....sheez. Lol, love you sweetie. Dont drink too much Guiness!

  4. I can not wait till you come back B. I miss you soooo much. Thanks Katrina for all the updates. I know Lyra gets mad that I do not comment or seem like I read these post but I do.

    Boy March birthdays are popular in this family:)

    Love you B and good luck with your studies. See you soon. The closer you are to us the more we get to see your handsome face:)