Friday, February 12, 2010

Go Go Duty Sections!

So! To 'elaborate'.

There are 12 people in my class. 5 of us were actually qualified. The other 7 marked 'Q' for 'qualified' in the Rover and Podium watch sections without actually going through the qualification process. They could get away with it because the section leaders took their word for it. Those guys got in trouble for lying.

The even bigger deal is that we work in a building with top secret information and equipment. So you have people who aren't actually qualified to protect it - pretending they can and being entrusted to do so. The guys who are in a lot of trouble are the ones who lied, and then stood a watch anyways - knowing they weren't really qualified. As a for instance, one guy in my class did a full rove of TRITRAFAC (Trident Training Facility) and didn't sign off the log on classified doors because he didn't know he was supposed to (since he hadn't ever taken the time to stand a UI).

Hence, its possible that 7/12 of the guys in my class will be getting NJP (Non-judicial punishment) or "captain's mast" for all of this. The maximum that can happen to them is this:

--->Loss in pay grade, as in E3-E2 and a reset in 'time-in-rate' so they have to wait a long time to re-advance.

--->Half-Months Pay x2 taken away.

--->60 days restriction. They take away EVERYTHING you have a bed. That's it. You can make a 1 hour phone call each day, from a pay-phone. They have someone escort you to the NEX once every week.

--->60 days extra duty. Meaning while they are in restriction, to keep them busy, they will be cleaning 8 hours every day on top of their normal responsibility's (class in our case).

As K said, the rest of us are getting in a little trouble because we knew that non-quals were standing these watches. Its not as much trouble as those who actually did it though. The 5 of us that were honest are getting either a slap in the wrist (chewed out) or we are getting a phase liberty set-back.

This is bigger than just us though. The section leaders, chiefs (CDOs) and Senior section leader are also getting in trouble for all of this.

One thing K didnt mention is that the only reason all of this blew up is because of me - in a sense. When i went to get the final signature on my qualifications - the SSL (senior section leader) asked why the rest of my class didnt come with myself and ETSN White Chocolate (my nick-name for him). I responded that they didnt need his signature, they were all qualified. The issue came about because the SSL is the ONLY person who can qualify you, and he obviously knew that he hadn't signed theirs off. So he asked what duty sections were letting that happen and i told him it was all of them except for 3 & 6 (mine). Which was true, as far as my class went.

Now the investigation has spread to all classes, including the MTs. They are uncovering several dozen falsely qualified students. Due to the nature of the information and equipment in the building, NCIS is getting involved and the captain is..... very peeved.

Honesty prevails. I'm pretty safe. Might one few E3s left in my class after this all blows over.

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  1. OK, well I am happy that you are not getting in as much trouble as the rest of them. At least you are honest, that makes me happy to know that some of my good traits have rubbed off on you...:)