Monday, February 8, 2010

What's new with Monkey...

Not a whole lot going on in Monkey land. 

Lets see. He got a new phone finally! One that doesn't arbitrarily decide it doesn't want to get a signal and not tell him until he realizes he hasn't received any texts from me all day. This means he also has a new number. He's texting everyone one by one as he enters numbers into the new phone. If you  haven't gotten your text yet you can facebook me or myspace him. 
He got a blackberry and he is very enthralled with it. I am surprised and amused at how excitedly he's embracing it. Daily I hear, "Honey, I LOVE this phone!" He likes that he can get all his mail, and IM's and texts all right there, all at once. :) He has downloaded the MySpace app, but refuses still to get the Facebook app. Whatever... :p
He specifically got a phone that didn't have camera so that he could have it in a secured building, i.e. in class, so that he could text me during the day. But, a guy in class was fiddling with it and they have now been banned from having phones in class. Bummer.

About Friday I think, he got a temporary roomie. He hasn't seen much of him though. There is a garbage bag with some bedding that was left on the table and he's stopped by a couple of time but that's it. I guess he's been put in Geo-bach housing until his wife moves out there but is staying with a buddy rather than staying in his room. So really, B's new roomie is a trash bag with some bedding. At least he's not messy. 

Sofa Sunday yesterday was kind of frustrating. His internet was having issues and we kept getting kicked off of Video chat, if we could even get on at all. It was like in the beginning when I was using my ancient laptop that barely even supported video chat and it was always crashing.

Lastly, he STILL doesn't have a mailbox... *annoyed face*... maybe if we all bug him he will find time to go get one...


  1. Im confused, didnt he have a Blackberry before? He is always so excited when he gets new toys.

    I think B is totally fine with having a trash bag and beeding as a roomie, although it is funny.

    Why such a delay on the address? Its not like its a new complex or something. It is very much a waiting game with the Navy I guess. I am annoyed right along with you.

  2. He did have a blackberry but it was the flip one that was more like a regular phone and he didn't have data service to go with it so he didn't have the ability to use any of the messaging features other than texting.
    I guess he has some address though he keeps forgetting to email it to me. They have to get their own mailboxes here when they go to the boat. As soon as I get the address that he has now i'll forward it along.